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If you have been in business and you have been shipping products across various parts of India and international markets, most of you have faced the problem of delivering couriers with liquid products.

Aipex Worldwide is proud to be one of the best courier partners for parcels with liquid products. In fact, we have been regularly providing cost effective courier solutions to various companies in pharma and e-Commerce industries. Our courier solutions for liquid products cater not only to Indian but international markets as well. Some of the salient features of our services –

  • Liquid courier solutions that cover both domestic Indian as well as international markets.
  • Courier parcels may be any of the following product types – Oil, Shampoos, Lotions, Wine and Champagne bottles, etc.


Though it is our constant endeavor to provide the best possible courier solutions. Some products, classified as Dangerous / Inflammable / Highly Hazardous etc., are not accepted by us for courier services.

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